Sagestar Galactum: A Tabletop Role-Playing Game.

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A fantastical space opera experience designed for user-end mathematical simplicity, and design-end system complexity. Sagestar Galactum maximizes player choice while presenting multiple different methods of creating and resolving narrative dilemma. It aims to remove combat as the central mechanical focus of an RPG and instead substitute it with a variety of systems. Among those substitutions are: examining scientific research, gathering exploration data, and writing lore that will contribute to the actual lore of the game!

Players may choose from 12 playable species, 70 classes, and nearly 30 different spacecraft to explore a galaxy with 25 Galactic Sectors, 625 Sol Systems, and over 2,500 planets! Players will explore the galaxy in their ships and on planets, using magic and technology to overcome obstacles.

Sagestar Galactum is inspired by a variety of sources including books by Isaac Asimov and Ted Chiang, tabletop RPGs Traveller and World Tree, television series Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, and computer video games FTL: Faster Than Light and the Mass Effect trilogy.