Sagestar Galactum: Professions and Advancement

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Professions Guide

There are 15 basic professions in the game to choose from, and 55 advanced professions designed to augment them.

Basic Professions

Fighter. A hard-hitter, the Figher intimidates others with his impressive command of combat abilities.
-Unique Skill: Intimidate - use PHYS to intimidate others as a specialized persuasion check.
-Requirements: 20 PHYS.

Mercenary. Useful in a fight, the Merc specializes in turretry and is highly skilled.
-Unique Skill: None - Select three additional skills as Class Skills, adding +3 to their sum.
-Requirements: 18 PHYS, 16 SPIR.

Wanderer. Effective with the land, and highly skilled, the Wanderer is attuned with nature.
-Unique Skill: Survival - use PHYS to forage for wild roots and berries, find defensible locations to camp, and tame wild animals to be companions.
-Requirements: 16 PHYS, 13 SPIR.

Pilot. Quick on her feet and in the air. The Pilot is a master of ships, landcraft, and drones - and isn't bad in a shootout, either.
-Unique Skill: Maneuver - Use INT to make aerial maneuvers in land or spacecraft.
-Requirements: 20 INT.

Historian. A master of all things lost and hidden, the Historian commands much knowledge of that which has been forgotten in dusty tomes and esoteric archives.
-Unique Skill: Record - Use INT to recall the history of a region, developing it into a history book that can be sold for credits and fame.
-Requirements: 19 INT, 13 SOC.

Scientist. Highly inquisitive and always researching, the Scientist has a wide command of the natural laws that govern the universe, experimenting to create bombs, gases, and reagents.
-Unique Skill: Experiment - Use INT to discover new properties of anomalies or unknown substances, which can be added to the Codex for credits and fame.
-Requirements: 21 INT, 11 MAG.

Missionary. The Missionary inspires others with her piety and faith to walk a life in the truth and light. Her role is to lead others to her gods.
-Unique Skill: Proselytize - Use SPIR to convert locals to join your faith, where their donations and charity can gain the crew credits and fame.
-Requirements: 20 SPIR, 15 SOC.

Marksman. If his enemies can see him, it's already too late for them.
-Unique Skill: Snipe - Use SPIR to focus your aim, adding the result of the skil lcheck to any shot made with a longarm. (Add only to aim, not damage.)
-Requirements: 23 SPIR, 12 PHYS.

Writer. Her talent is in stories. Capturing them, creating them, and regaling audiences with them is the pasttime of the writer.
-Unique Skill: Create Work - Use SOC to create a piece of writing that can be sold for credits and fame.
-Requirements: 20 SOC, 19 INT.

Merchant. With a keen eye for commerce, the Merchant is never far from making a few credits. While he can be cutthroat, his services offer necessary trade to a burgeoning colony.
-Unique Skill: Monetize - Use SOC to determine the most valuable regional resource and establish a supply system to exploit it for income.
-Requirements: 22 SOC, 18 INT.

Leader. Leaders are not chosen, they are born. Inspire. Command. Lead.
-Unique Skill: Inspire - Use SOC to attract crowds, gaining willing followers to aid in your adventures.
-Requirements: 23 SOC.

Sociologist. Delve into the less quantifiable aspects of science, and study psychology, biological development, and xenology.
-Unique Skill: Soothe - Use SOC to calm aggressive creatures or persons, placating them and making them more likely to assist the crew.
-Requirements: Either SOC or INT 23, other 18.

Magician. Grapple with the wilder side of the arcane arts, sacrificing variety for pure strength.
-Unique Skill: Wild Magic - Use MAG to spontaneously cast up to two different spells in the same action.
-Requirements: 19 MAG.

Wizard. Discover the more controlled side of power, gaining magical power through discipline and study.
-Unique Skill: Metamagic - Use MAG to enhance any spell to its maximum potential.
-Requirements: 20 MAG, 17 INT.

Shipsage. Take control over entire sections of space with powerful and unique magic that only the truly skilled are able to attain.
-Unique Skill: Telearcana - Use MAG to enter a meditative state, adding the result to all player character combat, maneuvers, and technical checks made in space.
-Requirements: 26 MAG, 20 INT.

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