Sagestar Galactum: A Galaxy in Turmoil

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There are 25 Galactic Sectors, and each one contains 25 Sol Systems, making for 625 systems in total. Most of these remain unexplored, in part or in whole, and the crew who does so will earn great fame and rewards for their trouble.

Each Galactic Sector has a three-character Sector Acronym to represent it, and each Sol System has a two-character coordinate designation, as well as a System Number. Naming convention is as follows: Sector Acronym - System Coordinates - System Number.

For example, the Elgan Prime system is designated TSR-Q8-212, since it is in the Tesser Run system, has coordinates Q8, and is the 212th numbered system.

Alpha Systems

1. Galactic Sector 1, Alpha-001 (A01). Little is known of this uncharted sector except that it is at least partly controlled by the Mentarat. Explorers have never been able to venture that far, much less behind hostile lines, without encountering unknown dangers or cyclopean horrors that made them turn back. It is a fearsome thing, to fly in uncharted space; and it is not a feat for the light of heart. (Contains Systems #1-25.)

2. Galactic Sector 2, Minara Dark (MND). The only reason this sector has been named at all is because it is where the Mentarat came from -- and researchers can't even be sure of that. The entire region is so shrouded in danger and mystery that it has become the subject of many cosmic legends and tall tales told by instructors in flight academy. In truth, only one thing needs be known of Minara Dark: it is dark, it is dangerous, and nothing enters that region of space and returns. (Contains Systems #26-50.)

3. Galactic Sector 3, Alpha-003 (A03). This uncharted region remains uncontested, for now; but both the Mentarat Hegemony and the Tenebrou Republic have initiated expansion plans to wrest control of it within the last century. As both interested parties have become aware of the other, those plans have accelerated. While Alpha-003 does not contain any economic or scientific value in itself, it does represent a vast strategic front that could change the course of the entire war. (Contains Systems #51-75.)

4. Galactic Sector 4, Alpha-004 (A04). There is not much to say of this uncharted sector, except that it is an occasional refuge for pirates and outcasts who need a truly remote place to hide. Its sol systems and planets are entirely uncharted, save for a stray system here or there, and it would be a ripe ground for colonists if not for the adjacent Mentarat and Pirate encampments. (Contains Systems #76-100.)

5. Galactic Sector 5, Alpha-005 (A05). A tract of empty, uncharted space that hosts extraordinary, colorful nebula. GS05 is a popular destination for tourists, journalists, and explorers seeking to make a name for themselves - when the starways are not held by hostile forces. (Contains Systems #101-125.)

Beta Systems

6. Galactic Sector 6, Beta-001 (B01). The tragedy of Beta-001 is that its systems are lush, rich, and perfectly climate-controlled for biological life. Where is the tragedy? The Mentarat occupy several key systems along its upper border, making the region uninhabitable for colonists. Its beautiful cosmic features are marred by laserfire and explosions, with ship detritus floating freely in asteroid fields that were never there before. It is highly contested, but no one faction holds control yet. (Contains Systems #126-150.)

7. Galactic Sector 7, Milky Way (MLK). The Milky Way, erstwhile home of the Manadin and Erenin peoples, is rich with mineral resources and stable sol systems. It contains the Kuiper System, the central Sol System of the Tenebrou Republic, which indeed occupies nearly all of the Milky Way. The Mentarat recently wrested control of H8-193, adjacent to the Kuiper System, in a failed attempt to strike at the heart of their most hated foes. The Burou Trade-Bloc, close allies with the Republic, enjoy joint occupancy of one system in a small region near the lower border of GS07. (Contains Systems #151-175.)

8. Galactic Sector 8, Orion's Knot (OKN). Originally colonial territory of the Empire of Kandor, the Tenebrou Republic swept in when the Empire withdrew for its thousand-year silence. Now, it is a diversely populated region, with Manadin, Erenin, Eni'ita, Kuree, Uludin, and Kreech all occupying --and often sharing!-- systems throughout. Of course, the ever-present threat of the Mentarat looms over this region, and systems in its upper borders have in recent years been occupied as forward-bases for Republic Troops. (Contains Systems #176-200.)

9. Galactic Sector 9, Tesser Run (TSR). One of the most fascinating and fraught sectors in the entire galactum. It is unique among the rest in that every major power has at least some controlling interest in at least one of the systems. The Empire, Consortium, Republic, Trade Bloc, Hegemony, and Pirate's Guild all control various regions of Tesser Run -- although, the majority of the system exists under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Consortium. It is for this reason why GS09 is the subject of such rapid expansion. (Contains Systems #201-225.)

10. Galactic Sector 10, Beta-005 (B05). Before the Galactic Consortium was dragged into the Mentarat War, GS10 was one of their primary territories targeted for colonisation. Expansion efforts diminished when the war began, as resources were allocated elsewhere, but the existing colonies remain in a very primitive state. (Contains Systems #226-250.)

Gamma Systems

11. Galactic Sector 11, Gamma-001 (G01). Like GS10, GS11 was another system targeted for colonization by the Consortium before the Mentarat War. It is notable for containing the home systems of the Endomisaur species, who declined to join the Consortium, and occupy regions adjacent to the system in a stateless, hierarchical order. (Contains Systems #251-275.)

12. Galactic Sector 12, Old Corinia (CNO). The third Galactic Sector with a controlling interest held by the Tenebrou Republic. Originally colonized by the Uludin (before they formed the Burou Trade-Bloc) and named Corinia, when it was discovered that the Manadin and Erenin held a greater controlling interest in all the major systems, the Uludin left GS12 to colonize the next nearest sector, GS17, christening it New Corinia in commemoration of the old. The Manadin maintained the name, calling it Old Corinia, and have enjoyed close and companionable relations with the Uludin ever since. (Contains Systems #276-300.)

13. Galactic Sector 13, the Galactic Core (GLC). The Galactic Core is unique for containing a supermassive black hole

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Delta Systems

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Epsilon Systems

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