Sagestar Galactum: Species, Friends and Foes

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Species Guide

There are 12 playable species in the game, each with unique culture, advancement paths, and biological traits. The Manadin, Samatians, Telerians, Uludin, Kreech, Ryth, Eni'ita, Erenin, Kuree, Xzyltyr, Hive, and Endomisaurs.

There are also the Mentarat. They're bad news.

Each species has the ability to grow and develop, and this is represented by an Attribute Bonus (ATB) granted at first, third, and fifth level. Each bonus is unique to the race that gains it.

The Seven

The Manadin. Bipedals descended from the old human race. They are tall, slim, and expressive. They are widely gifted which makes them excellent in many roles - but they excel as pilots, captains, and commanders.
- ATB[3]: Blood of Man (SPIR/MAG+2)
- ATB[5]: Manadin Spirit. (Reroll any skill 1/day.)

The Samatians. A tripedal race with four arms, varying in color from pale red to rich pink. Samatians move slowly but think quickly, making highly gifted intellectuals and inventors among their people.
- ATB{1]: PHYS-1/INT+5
- ATB[3]: Blood of Samat.
- ATB[5]: Samatian Invention. (Create a biomechanical invention.)

The Telerians. A floating race of gaseous descent, Telerians do not have limbs but manipulate objects with a dexterous telepathic field. Telerians are highly spiritual and very magically gifted, making them excellent psionics and sorcerers.
- ATB[1]: SPIR/MAG+3
- ATB[3]: Blood of Teler.
- ATB[5]: Telerian Sagecraft. (Cast spells telepathically.)

The Uludin. A bipedal race of arthropods with short legs and thick forearms, with a carapace that varies from green to blue by their mood. Uludin are strong and highly social, making excellent fighters, leaders, and merchants.
- ATB[1]: PHYS+2/SOC+3
- ATB[3]: Blood of Ulud.
- ATB[5]: Uludin Inspiration. (Add bonuses to crew skills.)

The Kreech. A quadrupedal race with thick, dark fur and a keen sense of hearing. The Kreech can move at an extraordinary pace on their four legs, but are not very dexterous at handling fine objects. They make excellent enforcers and rogues.
- ATB[1]: PHYS+4
- ATB[3]: Blood of Kree (PHYS+6)
- ATB[5]: Kreech Strength. (Double any PHYS skill 3/day.)

The Ryth. A liberated cyborg race that has evolved the ability to reproduce organically. Young Ryth are penalized in all attributes, but learn at triple the pace of other races! A Ryth can be talented in nearly any role.
- ATB[1]: All-3, Skills(x3)
- ATB[3]: Hard Drive.
- ATB[5]: Ryth Components. (Reduce ALL-3 to ALL-1.)

The Eni'ita. An ancient race of feline alienoids, powerful and wise. Highly gifted in all attributes, but stagnant and slow to incorporate new ideas to their culture, learning at a fraction of the pace of the other species.
- ATB[1]: All+8, Skills(/2)
- ATB[3]: Gifted Lineage.
- ATB[5]: Eni'ita Fortitude. (Reduce class penalty, gain normal skills.)

The Five

The Erenin. A bipedal race descended from the same lineage as the Manadin. Erenin have one long head-tail that makes them empathically sensitive, and are blue in color.
- ATB[1]: INT+2/SPIR+3
- ATB[3]: Blood of Eve (INT+3/SPIR+2)
- ATB[5]: Persistent Mind. (Mind-meld.)

The Kuree. A gentle, slothful species of mammal that lives upside-down in tree villages. They are gentle and placid but are highly regarded for their spellcraft and unique architectural botany.
- ATB[1]: PHYS-5/SOC+5/MAG+5
- ATB[3]: Forest Sap (SPIR+5)
- ATB[5]: Darwinian Cloak. (Invisibility.)

The Xzyltyr. A scuttling race of goblin-esque amphibious shapeshifters. They are excellent mimics, but are terribly uncomfortable in their own skin, preferring to imitate close friends or beloved species.
- ATB[1]: SOC+6/SPIR+3
- ATB[3]: Translucent Veins (SOC+4/SPIR+3)
- ATB[5]: Actor's Wardrobe. (Bonuses on Disguise/Fibbing.)

The Hive. A peaceful evolutionary descendant of the Mentarat. This species of bipedal, tetrabrachial insectoid shares a hive mind with the rest of its kind. The species is highly skilled at construction, and can fly short distances.
- ATB[1]: INT+6/SOC-3
- ATB[3]: Genetic Drift (INT+6/SOC-7)
- ATB[5]: Worker Drone. (Replace body on death.)

The Endomisaurs. A reptilian species with sharp claws and a vicious bite, Endomisaurs are nonetheless congenial and empathetic, belying their terrifying stature with their pleasant nature.
- ATB[1]: SPIR/SOC+3
- ATB[3]: Meteor Roar (INT/SOC+2)
- ATB[5]: UNDEFINED. (To implement later.)

The Foe

The Mentarat. An evil foe which controls a fascist Hegemony spanning several galactic sectors.